Poseidon Financial is a publishing company with offices in Chicago and Fort Worth.

Our mission is to help millions of investors better allocate their investment savings to specific securities, by authoring world-class qualitative information.

We excel at building 1) vast, proprietary databases of investment securities, and 2) intuitive tools to segment and analyze the broader universe of these securities in useful ways.

The Team

Andy HagansAndy Hagans
Chief Executive Officer

Andy is an entrepreneur with a background in marketing and finance. He is passionate about the “Bogleheads” school of investing, and is focused on helping investors achieve higher net returns via tax efficiency and fee minimization. He resides in southwest Michigan.

Michael JohnstonMichael Johnston
Chief Operating Officer

Michael is a veteran of the financial media industry and has a background rooted in finance. His investment expertise has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and USA Today, among other publications. He resides in Chicago.

Jimmy AtkinsonJimmy Atkinson
Chief Financial Officer

Jimmy is a veteran Internet entrepreneur with a background in economics. He is passionate about self-directed investing, and maintaining a well-diversified portfolio with low costs. He resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

Dan SparksDan Sparks
Lead Developer

Dan is a veteran Web developer and has authored numerous published research papers on business process automation. He is passionate about building great Web applications, and leveraging the power of variation-enhanced-BPM to positively impact business workflows. He resides in central Missouri.

Brian ThibaultBrian Thibault
Development Coach

Brian is Web developer with a background in e-commerce and information management. He is also a veteran entrepreneur, having co-founded Clarastream, among other ventures. He resides in Chicago.


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