Poseidon Financial is a new media company providing unique data, tools, and news to sophisticated individual investors, financial advisors, and institutional investment managers.

We offer unique opportunities for both new and established financial brands to highlight their products and thought leadership to a targeted, affluent audience of primary decision makers.

The Poseidon Financial Network

The Poseidon Financial network includes four sites focusing on specific niches within the finance and investing vertical:

All Emerging MarketsAll Emerging Markets provides world-class news, analysis and tools for investment in developing markets. Coverage includes mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, currencies, and geo-political news.

Dividend ReferenceDividend Reference provides world-class dividend stock analysis and tools for investors. Additionally, this site provides educational materials and commentary surrounding global equity markets.

ETF ReferenceETF Reference provides world-class ETF industry news and investment research. This site serves individuals, advisors, and institutional investors.

Fund ReferenceFund Reference provides world-class mutual fund research and data. This site serves individuals, advisors, and institutional investors.

Partnering with Poseidon Financial

All Poseidon Financial sites are narrowly focused on specific niches within the finance vertical, offering enhanced targeting opportunities for financial brands. Because our sites are built around proprietary data and tools, many of our users, while visiting our web sites, are actively involved in the security selection process.

The hyper-targeted and data-focused nature of the Poseidon Financial properties presents a unique opportunity for financial brands to:

  • focus campaigns on users engaged with specific types of securities and asset classes, leading to higher click rates; and
  • target users actively researching investment opportunities, leading to higher follow-through engagement.

To learn more about advertising opportunities with Poseidon Financial, download our media kit, or contact us:

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  • Phone: 872-529-0073