Welcome to Poseidon Financial

Welcome to the corporate homepage for Poseidon Financial, a publishing company with offices in Chicago and Fort Worth. Founded in 2015 by veterans of the online media industry, our mission is to inspire and educate self-motivated individuals, to help them improve their own lives mentally, physically and spiritually.

Our Network

Poseidon operates two media properties, each focused on a specific area within the self-improvement market.

vector color twitter 400X400 pxViking Body

Viking Body is driven by the motto “Strength for Everyone.” We offer fitness products and videos with the goal of making strength training less intimidating and more accessible for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

Inner Everest
InnerEverest_green_black backgound_100x100

Inner Everest is a community of self-motivated men and women looking to drive positive change in their lives through meditation and mindfulness. We strive to make these exercises more accessible and enjoyable to beginners.

Founders and Executive Team

Poseidon was founded by three entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience in the online media industry. Michael Johnston, Jimmy Atkinson, and Andy Hagans — the three co-founders — also constitute the executive team at the company. Learn more about the Poseidon team.

Contact Us

Editorial questions and comments for all Poseidon Financial properties can be directed to info@poseidonfinancial.com.